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Customized Mounts

At Sika Country Taxidermy Ltd. they strive to be a leader in the field of taxidermy in New Zealand. They have a vast experience in shoulder and life size mounts and have worked on trophies from all over the World.


Their goal is to help hunters capture that special hunting moment and turn their unique trophy of a lifetime into a lasting memory of a great hunting adventure. No two animals are alike; they therefore customize every form individually to fit the exact measurements of your trophy, so the mount will appear as natural and lifelike as possible. Using copious reference material, the latest technologies and high quality materials, they strive to portray the beauty and essence of the animals they get to work on, creating anatomically correct and long lasting mounts.


Vern and Louise also sculpt and make their own original mannequins for the New Zealand species. Comprehensive measurements, data and reference collected over the years enable them to create accurate mannequins. These mannequins are now sold in the USA.