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Correct Field Treatment of Your Hunting Trophy is Essential


Planning a hunting trip? Preparing for your hunt has a great bearing on the success of your hunt, and it is the same for taxidermy. You need to know what to do with your trophy once you have taken it, and in order to do so, consider how your want to have it mounted. Do you need the whole skin or just the headskin and skull for example?


Not even the most skilled taxidermist can retrieve a badly prepared skin that has lost its hairs, cut too short or damaged in other ways. It is so important that you know what to do, once you have taken your animal. Especially when it comes to taking the skin off the face.
It pays to practise on an animal before hand which is not destined for the taxidermy workshop, so as you become familiar with the process when the time comes and you take that trophy of a lifetime.


We are happy to give you advice on field trophy preparation and we recommend you to contact us prior to your hunt.


For your convenience we invite you to print the skinning instructions, which we recommend that you take with you on your hunt.


Happy hunting.


Printable skinning instructions – please download these PDFs:

Head skinning instructions for shoulder & pedestal mount
Skinning instructions for full body mount
Skinning instructions for rug & flat skins