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Both Vern and Louise have a defining love of Nature, its fascinating wildlife, hunting, as well as art and photography. From a very early age taxidermy seemed like a natural choice of work for both of them.


As an 8 year old Vern started collecting bird wings and injecting them with formaldehyde to preserve them, and it just grew from there. A hobby turned into an occupation and in 1989 he went full time. His great passion is the outdoors - hunting the elusive Sika in the dense bush of the North Island and experiencing the majestic Himalayan Tahr in the breath taking Southern Alps. Vern also has a vast experience in Douglas Scoring of trophies and has been very involved with the National Judging Panel for the National Antler, Horn & Tusk competition for the New Zealand Deerstalkers Association (NZDA). He also looks after the Sika Record Book for the NZDA.


Just like Vern, Louise’s interest in all living things made a huge impact on her life choices leading to a degree in ‘Natural History Museum Preservation & Conservation’, which she did in Copenhagen, Denmark. A love of travel brought her to New Zealand, where she has been working full time as a taxidermist since 2002. Having grown up hunting with her family in Denmark, Roe deer hunting holds a special place in her heart but the magnificent landscape of New Zealand has brought lots of new and exciting hunting opportunities and inspiration. As a wild life artist Louise passionate about recreating Natures’ treasures in the most realistic and aesthetically beautiful way no matter what medium she is using.


Vern and Louise believe in competing as a way of learning and as a result refining the Art of Taxidermy, which is reflected in their work, as they are both Master Taxidermists within the NZTA.


Louise and Vern are members of the New Zealand Taxidermy Association and AusAWA.